BILSI is a multi-faceted company supporting the needs of retailers, distributors and importers. We are committed to being a loyal and strategic partner for your business, providing you with the highest standard of service at every step. From 24‑7 customs brokerage to warehouse fulfillment and e‑commerce logistics, we take care of it all.

eCommerce Solutions

BILSI is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions to meet the needs of businesses in the United States who want to expand into the Canadian market and Canadian companies looking for an efficient transportation management solution for their existing model. Our aim is to achieve fast, efficient, cost-effective movement of your products. That means hassle-free customs clearance coupled with transportation management services for your shipments into Canada.

A Better Shopping Experience

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We have developed a web-based application that incorporates our expertise in rating products (customs tariffs), transportation management, and logistics. The application requires very little work on your end and provides you with a resource that can facilitate sales to Canadian consumers.

Using our application, either directly for phone order sales, or connected to the shopping cart of your web site, you will get real time quotes covering freight, duties, taxes, and brokerage fees. This allows your Canadian customer to check out paying total cost of the order allowing for a better shopping experience. Once the order is completed and ready for shipping, it is transmitted to BILSI so we can prepare the customs documentation and plan the transportation.

Customized E-Commerce Solutions

BILSI can prepare a door-to-door solution for E-Commerce retailers who want to penetrate the Canadian market. The Solution will include:

  • Provide our Web Service solution.
  • Provide real time information covering all shipping/handling costs, Canadian taxes (GST/HST and when applicable, PST on an order-by-order basis).
  • Provide drop shipment points throughout the USA to consolidate northbound orders.
  • Prepare and provide consolidated customs entries.
  • Provide service to your client’s door with no hidden or extra charges.
  • Provide reverse logistics service, including a consolidation point for authorized returns, verification and sorting of all returns and preparing all export and duty draw back documentation on returns being sent back to you or your vendor.
  • Make all documentation (Invoices, Customs entries etc.) available online.
  • Provide tracking and tracing for all shipments

Canada is the largest trading partner of the USA and one of the most receptive markets in the world for US goods and services. BILSI makes selling to the 22,000,000 internet users in Canada hassle-free. No hidden charges to your client, all duties taxes and shipping costs are listed and collected before the product is even delivered to the drop shipment point. Let us show you how easy we can make this process for you.


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Licensed Customs Brokers

We provide customs clearance for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at every major border crossing crossing coming into Canada, and the United States.

With BILSI, you’ll deal with one team nationally that understands your company’s needs and is familiar with the specific regulations for your industry. Our in-depth knowledge of industry requirements facilitates your business trade flows, ensuring that goods are cleared quickly and accurately and eliminating costly delays. We take care of your customs needs so you can focus on your business.

Canada Customs Clearance

Canada Customs Clearance

We ensure the fastest possible clearance of shipments for Canadian and foreign Non-Resident Importers (NRI's), regardless of when or where they arrive into Canada. First time importing into Canada? Maybe you are confused by the process? You are not alone! Please view our helpful flow chart that takes your shipment from purchase to delivery.
View our helpful flowchart

Canada Customs Clearance

US Customs Clearance

BILSI Logistics Corp is our US Customs Brokerage Company which will service all imports into the United States, covering all modes of transportation and all points of entry into the Country. learn more


We now offer consulting services to importers and exporters shipping into Canada or into the United States. Our promise is to improve the trade management processes and practices of importers and exporters in both countries. We provide expertise in the following areas:

BILSI can help importers take advantage of preferential tariff treatment under applicable trade agreements. We’ll help you determine whether products qualify for special free trade status, and help you develop the necessary audit trail, certificates of origin and supporting documentation you will need to secure these benefits for your business.

3rd Party Logistics

We offer third-party logistics and warehouse fulfillment and distribution services to support the needs of importers, distributors and retailers. Our team of experts will take care of the logistics so you can concentrate on your business.

Our services are customized and flexible each step of the way, which includes, but not limited to, establishing turnaround times of incoming receipts, inspection of products, packaging requirements, providing traceability and on time delivery to your customer, all in one seamless operation.


At BILSI, we aim to foster ongoing partnerships with our clients to meet their unique needs. The result is cleaner, faster and more accurate warehousing, distribution, fulfillment and logistics. Allow us to give you peace of mind with safe and secure storage of your products while you can focus on what you do best: marketing your business.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.


Transportation Management

At BILSI, let us be your one stop shop for all your shipping needs. We coordinate the optimal transportation solutions for your business from pick-up to final destination. Our team of experts will advise you on the best service options to and from the Canadian market, eliminating costly delays and making your business more competitive.

We provide peace of mind in handling the intricacies of shipping regardless of the mode of transportation. You’ll have a dedicated person to help you with all your needs, and as we get to know your business better, we continue to make improvements and provide additional options. We become an extension of your business providing the best level of service out there. By optimizing your shipments, we save you time, money, and resources.

Single source accountability

BILSI takes full responsibility for your shipments, whether it’s locally in Canada or managing your international shipments from door to door and communicating their status each step of the way. With BILSI, you won’t have to deal with multiple service providers; we take care of everything, even keeping you informed of any changes that could affect or benefit your business.

Complete Spectrum of Freight

BILSI partners with the leaders in every industry, be it LTL, FTL, small parcel delivery, or white glove service. This, coupled with our affiliations in the US, allows us to ensure fast, efficient door-to-door service to your customer at the highest standard with competitive rates. We get it to where it needs to be, hassle free.


We offer single invoicing for all our international freight forwarding and customs brokerage services. This service will provide you with your landed costs for the door-to-door movement of your goods. What’s more, a single invoice increases your customs compliance by streamlining the audit trail of your shipments.

Beler Cross Border Services

As a transportation company, shipping across the US/Canada border seamlessly requires in-depth understanding of customs and the required paperwork. If you’re in need of improvements and cost savings, you can outsource your PARS/PAPS desk operations to us. Or if you’ve been looking to expand your operation to include cross border, we have the solution.

We are pleased to introduce Beler Cross Border Services (BCBS). Our unique software platform and service will manage your entire PARS/PAPS desk operation, allowing you to focus on timely deliveries and satisfied customers. We take care of everything so you can be assured to have trucks moving across the border with ease.

How does it work?

Building on BILSI’s extensive customs expertise, we’ve developed a software platform that will digitize Bill of Lading (BOL) data in order to transmit ACI/ACE eManifests, and optionally send a 204 (Motor Carrier Load Tender) file. Shipments are managed from the time the paperwork is received, to notifying the customs broker, submitting the ACE/ACI and conveyance/trip data to CBSA and CBP, and finally reporting once it has crossed the border. Our team of experts will support this service so you won’t have to worry about anything.

How are we different?

We're not just providing the software, but also the qualified staff to manage your shipments crossing the border and ensure that all Customs requirements are met.

For ease of setup, we can work directly with the carrier or the carrier’s customer. We offer round-the-clock coverage and support, with experts stationed in Customs on both sides of the border to ensure your drivers cross without incident. Our service can be scaled to handle any volume from five to 5,000 BOLs a night. Please contact us for more information.

We can also provide ACI reporting for LTL shipments for Rail. We have worked with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) to allow for multiple shipments to multiple consignees per container. We only load when it’s safe to do so, once ACI and RNS acceptance are both received. The communications between CBSA/CBP and the Rail/Road Companies are critical to the smooth flow of goods across the border.

Lower your costs without compromising service levels.

Our Shipment Management Application centralizes shipment activity and status updates. Let us manage your shipments and ensure you stay compliant, so you can focus on timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

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