CHARM Release 2

CHARM Release 2 is the second wave of the Customs Automated Risk Management (CARM) project, which is a multi-year initiative aimed at modernizing and streamlining the way the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) assesses and manages risks associated with the importation of commercial goods into Canada.

The first wave of CHARM was launched in spring 2021 and focused on the electronic collection of financial information and the transmission of trade data, including the electronic submission of commercial accounting declarations (CAD) and the electronic transmission of trade data between importers and the CBSA.

The second wave of CHARM, or CHARM Release 2, is set to launch in October 2023 and will focus on the introduction of electronic functionality related to the release of goods. This wave will include several new features and capabilities, such as:

  1. The electronic release of goods: Importers will be able to electronically request the release of their goods, allowing for faster and more efficient processing.
  2. The electronic transmission of release data: Importers and their authorized representatives will receive electronic notifications of the release status of their goods, as well as any associated messages or documents.
  3. The electronic transmission of release data to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): The CBSA will electronically transmit release data to the CRA, allowing for more accurate and efficient tracking of importers' compliance with tax laws.
  4. The ability to correct errors electronically: Importers will be able to correct certain errors or omissions in their release information electronically, reducing the need for manual processing and improving accuracy.

Overall, CHARM Release 2 represents a significant step forward in the modernization of the CBSA's assessment and revenue management systems. By introducing new electronic functionality related to the release of goods, the CBSA will be able to provide importers with faster and more efficient processing, while also enhancing risk management and compliance capabilities.