Customs Broker
Our in depth knowledge of industry requirements facilitates your business trade flows. With BILSI, you deal with one team nationally that understands your specific needs and is familiar with all of the tariffs, regulations, products classification and regulatory changes specific to your industry to ensure that your goods are cleared and classified quickly and accurately. BILSI provides customs clearance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at every major border crossing in Canada.
Canadian Customs Clearance

BILSI ensures the fastest possible clearance of shipments, for Canadian and foreign Non-Resident Importers regardless of when or where they arrive into Canada.

US Customs Clearance

With our network of partners and agents, BILSI can facilitate Customs Brokerage for imports (exports) into the United States.


BILSI provides consulting services to importers and exporters trading with Canada and the United States. Services have been developed in the following key areas to improve the trade management processes and practices of importers and exporters in both countries.

• Rules of Origin
BILSI can help importers take advantage of preferential tariff treatment under NAFTA, by determining whether products qualify for special free trade status and by developing the necessary audit trail. BILSI can help importers obtain and review the necessary certificates of origin and other supporting documentation they need from vendors.
• Custom valuation
Value for duty serves as the basis for the calculation of customs duties and other applicable taxes. BILSI can conduct a strategic analysis of how importers calculate the value for duty of their imports to ensure that the appropriate duty is paid.
• Compliance reviews
BILSI can help clients prepare for customs audits, by reviewing their processes and audit trails and then providing an assessment report on their likelihood of passing a trade compliance verification audit by Canadian Customs authorities. Our staff can also recommend remedial procedures and help put these in place.
• Duty Recovery
Our trade specialists will identify opportunities for reducing duties that may have been overlooked and help recover overpayments made to customs authorities in error.
• Commodity tax
With a thorough understanding of tax relief and all government programs available to various businesses, our specialists can help identify ways to avoid paying unnecessary duties, for example through duty drawbacks, duty remission programs, temporary import provisions and other duty relief programs that may apply.

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